Laoudis Foods Innovation & Training Center® includes the technical staff and technical facilities of our company and is a key segmant for the high quality support services we provide to all our partners!

The aim of the Innovation & Training Center® is that every professional who cooperate with Laoudis Foods will be able to stand out from the competition and offer its customers, final consumers, a top-quality and deliciously distinct final product that will make them come back again and again only in his own store to taste it!

For this reason, our company employs ten (10) Technical Advisers of Pastry, Bakery and Ice Cream, with great experience in their field and with excellent knowledge of the products and the raw materials which represented by Laoudis Foods, so that they can solve any technical question and at the same time they are a source of new ideas for increasing the variety of your final products with new proposals that cover the most modern trends of the sector, both in Greece and abroad! Αnd that's because all our technical consultants are trained regularly in the technical centers of our suppliers in countries with a huge tradition in the field (Italy, France, Germany, etc.).

Laoudis Foods' Innovation & Training Center® invites every year many distinguished Chefs, MOFs, Pastry Chefs, Master Bakers, etc. from abroad who regularly, and at no cost to all Laoudis Foods partners, present the latest trends and the most modern professional techniques in pastry, bakery and ice cream! From time to time top Chefs with very impressive distinctions in international competitions (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie Lyon etc) such as MOF Bruno Pastorelli, Pastry Chef Francesco Boccia, Michelle Willaume, Francois Galtier, Cecilia Campana and others, as well as high-ranking executives of Research and Development departments, such as Carlo Vanni (MEC3 Group R & D Manager), Chef Bruno Couret (Flavors & Chefs) have been hosted in the Innovation & Training Center® presentations to give their unique knowledge to all Laoudis Foods partners!

More than 2,500 professionals from around 1,500 different companies annually are educated on the many product presentations and technical seminars organized by the Innovation & Training Center® in various major cities all over Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras, Xanthi etc). ) in specific periods per season and product interest (March-Ice Cream, May-Sugar Pastry, September-Bakery, November-Pastry, etc.). These are done either at the company's technical centers or at venues for corporate events, large hotels, etc. You may ask Laoudis Foods Sales Consultants to inform you about the dates of the presentations and seminars and to send you a personal invitation! Innovation & Training Center® presentations take place either in the form of a technical seminar which lasts for a couple of hours or in the form of an all-day open forum. In all cases, visitors have the opportunity to try out a variatey of finished products that our technicians prepare for the occasion with Laoudis Foods products and raw materials.

Innovation & Training Center® is housed in Laoudis Foods's impressive and well-equipped technical center, with a total area of ​​280 m² at its headquarters in Pikermi, Attica. It has all the necessary tools and devices to create internally and display very fast any Confectionery, Bakery and Ice Cream product. The Innovation & Training Center® conference hall can host more than 100 seated guests in comfortable seminar chairs with a foldable note pane. An appropriately equipped technical center of approximately 40 seats, operates parallel to Crete, at the headquarters of our subsidiary company Creta Foods.